Friday, September 19, 2008

Canon MP145 Resetter Program

If you’re having trouble with your printer that says Service Error 5001. This usually occurs when your canon printer has reach its maximum prints, it needs to be reset using a special program or do it manually.

You can find procedures or steps on how to reset your printer counter on many websites. Try using google to find those sites. Beware that resetting your printer might cause some sort of damage on the firmware and stop printer from functioning. Do it with your own risk. Good Luck!

With the printer powered off but connected to a power source , you must:

A) Press stop/reset button, and then press [ON/OFF] button to restart
B) Press [ON/OFF] again and then press twice the stop/reset button.
C) Press [ON/OFF] & Stop/reset button together, this time to enter the repair status and power lights will be green,
D) Press stop/reset button 4x and warning lights will be go out in [ON/OFF]button.
E) Turn off the printer.( it must be turn off) and then turn it on again.

Use with your own risk , i’ll try this way and m